welcome to goose & bee, named after my kids…made by me

Goose (Angus), age 12
Bee (Harper), age 16

I am an encaustic artist,  and have always been very driven to make things…especially if they are functional and earth friendly, which is what this current product line is all about.  During a visit with my mom a few years ago  (the kids call her Mingum), who is also an encaustic artist, she suggested a DIY project together.  This project  involved making food wraps as an alternative to plastic, involving all natural materials…which happen to consist of the two main ingredients we use to paint with: BEESWAX and TREE RESIN.  As we continued to use our food wraps each day, I couldn’t help but think that everyone should use these for their food!  

The little studio at the back of our home